Irish Micro Mouldings offers a full range of services, expertise, technologies, highly controlled and exact manufacturing processes that enable customers to take a project from concept, part design through to mould design, product development, prototyping, full production and commercialisation.

Irish MIcro Mouldings Research and Development


IMM is a one stop shop for developing new and innovative products. Our new R&D Department is involved in all aspects of the process from design to prototype and then onto manufacture.

Mouling Bio-absorbable materials


IMM has the experience, and developing processes to mould bio-absorbable material.

sophisticated high precision overmoulding processes


IMM is an expert overmoulder of all thermoplastics. We offer sophisticated high precision overmoulding processes.

Design Centre

Our new design centre has many capabilities, making your ideas and concepts a reality.

Dedicated to Quality

IMM is committed to the manufacture and marketing of quality products that meet our customers' specifications through maintenance and continuous improvement resulting in total customer satisfaction.